·                     SMILEY-HOMES extends its range of activity


·        lectures - trainings – awareness training - movies - etc.

·       At the beginning ‘living space‘ in close connection to ‚living quality‘ was central to our work and remains an important matter to us. 

Newly added is space that directly deals with consciousness. 

Smiley-Homes wants to give an understanding of ‘wellbeing‘ to all people.


            S-H aims at direct work with consciousness for it to unfold harmoniously in the ‘real’ world.  

          For this purpose, ‘old wisdom‘ from different traditions is connected and enriched with most recent scientific findings.

         S-H wants to integrate and connect all areas of living; thus, considering Ayurveda,
 Feng Shui, energetic construction physics, vitalisation of water etc.

 There will be space for Yoga, conscious diet, cooking classes, and much more 


All these aspects together shall help you to cultivate and widen your understanding of lifestyle


·       As a place of silence and contemplation it naturally makes holistic experiences possible.  


When there is inner wellbeing unconcerned of outer circumstances, it can extend and contribute to the wellbeing of ‘All’




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