In order to meet the world crisis as well as changes in the world, Smiley-Homes would like to

adapt its offer to the present time, its circumstances & opportunities.


·       organizing  lectures - trainings – awareness training - etc.

The focus of our activity continues to be work with consciousness, 

since it is only in this way that real beneficial change can be achieved. 

Often a small impulse is enough to start a holistic healing process.

Then it is easy to implement insights in daily life.

Different approaches are available:

Smiley - Homes organizes therapeutic applications - various forms of massage (Acupressure, Fascia Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy ...) - Nutritional Counselling, - Yoga & Meditation, informative evenings on philosophical-therapeutic and energy-medicinal topics and much else.

Smiley-Homes aims at giving a grounded understanding of "well-being" closer to all people.

In today's world it is often important to strengthen a basic trust in life itself. 

If you wish, we can organise any form of life & social counselling for you 

Feel free to ask questions on whatever subject matter.

Housing options for retreat, self-discovery and time-out are available

It is a place of silence and reflection where holistic experiences can more easily unfold. 

In near future, Smiley - Homes will collaborate with a non-profit foundation whose mission will be to offer “self-help” and capacity building.

When there is inner wellbeing unconcerned of outer circumstances, it can extend and contribute to the wellbeing of ‘All’


smiley-homes veggie & silence apartment




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